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In Memory Tributes

FOFH-IL Salutes Dedicated Supporter Ken Armstrong for Major Volunteer Role In Hines Fisher House Construction Fundraising.

Friends Conduct 10 Years of Annual Snowball Benefits in His Memory

Ken was the co-founder of Eriksen Armstrong Corporation, an experienced, high-quality construction company serving the North Shore area for 30 years. As a gifted master builder, Ken took immense pride in his work while having the ability to appreciate all of God's creation. Kenneth Russell Armstrong, 53, passed away Jan. 5, 2011.

Several FOFH-IL Board members had the privilege of working with Ken, whose father and grandfather were veterans, during the Illinois grass roots fundraising campaign to match funds with the national Fisher House Foundation to build Illinois' first Fisher House on Hines VA Hospital grounds. He gave generously of his time, personal funds plus personal and business contacts to this cause he found so inspiring.

In Memory of Bonnie Chattler, Friends of Fisher House-Illinois Treasurer 

With sad hearts, the FOFH-IL Board mourns the passing of dedicated FOFH-IL Board Officer Bonnie Chattler who served for 10 years as volunteer Treasurer, handling all financial matters with her financial acumen and Accounting expertise.

Bonnie's devotion to the Fisher House mission began when she found harbor in a Fisher House during her beloved daughter's illness and eventual demise. The military families facing similar medical crises provided the camaraderie and support Bonnie needed in her time of crisis.

Bonnie never forgot that support which inspired her dedication to her Friends of Fisher House-Illinois efforts beginning in 2008 in memory of her daughter.

Friends of Fisher House-Illinois sorely misses Bonnie’s dedication, friendship and humor. She was one-of-a-kind.

  • *Daniel Kahan

  • *Larry Saverslak

  • *Jill and Ron Garfinkle

  • *Stacy and Marc Herwitz

  • *Melanie Gordon & Stacy Herwitz

  • *Richard & Lynne Saltzman

  • *Mitchell N. and Isadora Goodman

  • Jordan Stein

  • Susan Steinberger

  • Mary Vaughan, FOFH-IL Board Officer

  • Betty Stamatis, FOFH-IL President



In Memory of Benjamin William Hess, United State Marine Corps
  • *Ray Stripling

In Memory of an Army Veteran
  • *D.M. Bauman 


In Memory of Paul Noeller
  •  * Richard M. Noeller

In Memory of Michael L. Jones, Army Viet Nam Veteran 1968-1971
  • **Mary & Michael O’Gara 


In Memory of American Legion Auxiliary Unit 485
  • ** American Legion Auxiliary Unit 485

In Memory of Joe Chiodo
  • * Peter Rous


In Memory of Giles Jones
  • ** Anthony Kratodfi and Margaret Dorn

In Memory of Harold (Hal) Olofsson
  • **Adrian Belmonte

  • * Andrea Dereng Donovan

  • *John Barrett Family

  • The Barrett Family

  • Andrea Dereng Donovan

  • *Miriam A. Olofsson

  • *Michelle T. Graff

  • **Adrian Belmont

  • ***Sheila M. Olofsson

  • *Patricia and John Rusch

  • *St. Barnabas Church

  • **Ellen Dooley

  • *Dolores S. Payette Kustom

  • ***Gene and Leila Steineckert

  • **Ellen Dooley

  • *Thomas and Joan Kelly

  • *With Love from the Collins Family

  • **Richard Michaels

  • **Kathryn & Ronnie Kee

In Memory of Michael McNamara - A 41-Year Employee of Hines VA Hospital
  • ** Eileen McNamara Gianci

  • *Christine M. Burger

  • *Phyliss Gorman

In Memory of Raul Argomanez
  • *Shirley Argomanez

  • *Joel Sensenig

  • *Frank Rayniak

  • *Richard Craig

  • * Barbara Suomala

  • *George Capaul

  • * Phyliss Gorman

In Memory of Cyndi Schneider – Auxiliary Life Member /McDonald-Linn Chicago Ridge VFW Post 177
  • ***McDonald – Linn Chicago Ridge VFW Post 177

In Memory of Alfred Evinger
  • * Margaret A. Russell


In Memory of Patrick O’Neill
  • **Julia Carens

  • **Dakota Premium Woods

  • *Worth Action Bolt & Tool Co.

In Memory of John Varchetta
  • **Mary Ronaldo

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